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Electric Vehicle Solutions NT is the Northern Territory distributor for Electric Vehicles Oceania a division of Lordco Australia.
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Ecospin Raptor

Meet the Raptor 2.0


With increased safety and the durability, the Raptor 2.0 is one of our best selling security vehicles – putting us well ahead of the competition, and keeping security personnel protected and more effective than ever.


Raptor 2.0 utilizes new RFID technology – The Raptor’s “Shield Defence System” provides personnel with a small personal radio frequency tag, allowing the vehicle to be locked down when the officer leaves the cockpit.


The Raptor’s redesigned batteries allow for up to 1200 duty cycles whilst creating additional torque, enabling the vehicle to perform with two batteries as if there were three of the previous design. The new battery management system also provides a new short circuit protector as well as additional diagnostics, to increase your ease of use further still.


The Raptor 2.0 increases the number of brakes on the vehicle to four, increasing performance, whilst the new parking break utilises a separate system for a redundant safety brake – making it even safer than before.



Some examples where the Ecospin Raptor has been used:


  • Security Site Patrolling,
  • High Visibility Police Patrolling,
  • Events Management Support,
  • Shopping Mall/Hotel Management/Security,
  • Ambulance/Paramedic Deployment,
  • Defence Industry Deployment,
  • Perimeter Inspection/Patrolling,
  • Postal/Parcel Delivery,


  • Large Manufacturer Site Personnel Conveyance,
  • Airport Personnel Conveyance,
  • Wheelchair Conveyance/Retrieval,
  • Parking Patrol/Enforcement,
  • Car Park Security Patrol,
  • Zoo Keepers, Park Keepers,
  • Garden Keepers/Management,
  • Marina Customer Support/Conveyancing,
  • Theme Park Management/Personnel Conveyance