Pedsco - Electric Vehicle Solutions NT
Electric Vehicle Solutions NT is the Northern Territory distributor for Electric Vehicles Oceania a division of Lordco Australia.
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Pedsco Produces the RMI-9 series and the RMI-10 series of remotely operated vehicles. The RMI’s are Remote Mobile Investigators that are used by Police, Fire Departments, Military, Nuclear and Industrial Institutions world wide. They are lightweight, battery operated, multi-purpose vehicles that have proven to be ideal for the remote handling of Improvised Explosive Devices, Hazardous Chemicals, Radio Active Materials, Fire Fighting, Hostage Situations, Hijackings, and other Hazardous Situations. The RMI-9 and RMI-10 have been chosen by experienced technician’s world wide due to dependability, simplicity, and ease of operation.



The RMI-9XD is a versatile 6 wheeled vehicle with removable tracks for extra climbing capability. The RMI-9XD adds dual extending front arms, upgraded IP-67 plugs and sealed electronics, digital video transmission, and a total of 8 camera ports. Add a tilting disrupter mount, hitch kit and new claw tools, and the RMI-9XD will meet all your EOD needs.



The RMI-10F is a compact and light weight 4 wheeled vehicle. Its narrower design allows for easy deployment and use in confined spaces.

RMI-9XD Features:


  • High lifting capacity manipulator with dual extension front arm.
  • Right side of arm offers motorized arm extension 19” (48.26 cm) for claw.
  • Left side of arm offers motorized arm extension 19” (48.26 cm) for disrupter.
  • Tilting/panning dual recoilless disrupter mount with laser aiming, colour disrupter sighting camera with LED light and disrupter firing terminals. Disrupters stow neatly out of the way of the right extender arm allowing unobstructed use of claw.
  • Using fixed arm extenders the robot can be configured for many different applications such as under car searches and 2nd story window access.
  • Three different sized claws are available with cameras.
  • ¼ -turn Mil-spec sealed connectors with IP67 rating.
  • Modular design allows for easy service/repair.
  • All electronic modules are water tight and each module is connected by plugs for simple removal.
  • High capacity robot platform batteries (2 x 55 Ah batteries) for increased mission time.
  • Front cover and electronic box secured by latching system for quick access without the use of tools.
  • Latch type battery holder and plug in quick release battery terminals for quick battery change without the use of tools.
  • 8 cameras with high power halogen or LED light source.
  • Tilt or pan function of cameras proportionally controlled for precise movement.
  • Updated control box to accommodate added features and more precise control.
  • Precise movement of the RMI can be mastered with intuitive joystick control.
  • Multiple functions can be performed simultaneously.
  • Control console with 10.4” (26.4cm) daylight readable LCD in a rugged explorer case.
  • Digital Transmitter system allows extended range, flicker free video reception, integrated two way audio and ability to record to USB flash drive.
  • Quad view video system allows for display of 4 cameras at a time.
  • Onscreen battery status indication.
  • 100 m (330’) control cable on continuous feed reel. Optional 200 m (660”) control cable.
  • Two minute delay weapons safety circuit with 4 check lights enhances operator safety.
  • Dual shock tube initiator hook-up.
  • Mount for semi-automatic shotgun.
  • Gun camera with integrated aiming laser.
  • Additional fuses for increased circuit protection.
  • X-ray attachment for the XR150/XR200/XRS-3 X-ray unit and real-time X-ray systems.
  • Power drill kit with remote on/off.
  • Claw tool system.
  • Trailer hitch kit and remote release assembly.

RMI-10F Features:


  • 5 Cameras with Lights:
    • Main colour camera with 260x zoom, manual/auto focus and 360º pan.
    • Miniature tilting colour camera, mountable on various places on the robot.
    • Miniature colour camera built into rotating claw/standard claw.
    • Back- up camera with optional remote tilt.
    • Black & white IR camera with IR light source.
  • Lifting capacity of 75lbs (34 kg) at 12″ in front of the robot
  • RMI-10F is power by a 24 volt removable battery pack, 24 volt charger and spare battery pack are supplied.
  • Two claws with variable pressure selection:
    • Universal claw with 10 ¼ “(26 cm) opening
    • Rotating claw with 10 ¼ “(26 cm) opening
  • Mounting for shotgun and one disrupter.
    • All weapons equipped with lasers for aiming
    • Lasers flash for easy identification of TV screen
    • Weapon firing circuits are encoded for security
  • Five arm extenders allow access to hard to reach locations such as under cars, in cars, window sills, etc.
  • Motorized arm extension 20” (50 cm)
  • The claw, cameras and disrupter can be mounted on the arm extenders.
  • Wireless or wired two way communication can be used for hostage situations or hijackings
  • X-ray attachment for the XR150/XR200/XRS-3 X-ray unit and real-time X-ray systems
  • Control box operates all functions of the RMI wirelessly or by cable.
    • Precise movement of the RMI can be mastered with intuitive joystick control
  • Modular construction for easy service
  • Operator control station equipped with cable drum for up to 200 m (660”) control cable, removable TV cabinet, command transmitter and PA system